Friday, January 25, 2008

Ow, that's gotta hurt!

During floor time this morning, one of the girls called me in - Chutt Chutt's foot was bleeding. Quite a lot of blood for such a small animal, I thought.

I held her and cleaned up her foot a bit while the girls cleaned up the carpet. I couldn't tell exactly where on her foot the injury seemed to be, so I called the vet.

By the time I got her to the vet (and in the better lighting there) I could see that the blood was coming from where her nail attached to her foot. Seems she caught her nail on the carpeting (it's not thick or shag) and it tore near the base.

The vet put a drop of nail glue (like you'd use on artificial fingernails - EW!) on her nail and trimmed it for me so I wouldn't have to for a week or so.

When we got home, Chutt was clearly unhappy. She wanted to zoom, but would take three or four steps and limp to a corner. She glared at me most unpleasantly while I was working on the computer, and spent most of the day sitting in the potty corner on the soft bedding.

When the bleeding was very thoroughly stopped, I tried to give her half a chewable baby aspirin, because she was grinding her teeth and quivering. She wouldn't take it, so I crushed it and rubbed it on a piece of cucumber - her very favorite treat. She seems much improved now, up in the hay basket and eating, chasing and nipping at Ginger less.

The vet suggested I give her floor time on a wood or linoleum floor, but I'm not sure how she'll like that, seems slippery to me. The vet said she seems in terrific health other than the foot, and that the nail problem should resolve as it grows out without incident. I'll keep an eye open for infection anyway.

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