Monday, January 21, 2008

It's growing in my schoolroom

I've always had a bit of a brown thumb. ("a bit" read: I can kill even artificial plants.) But when I read the review for the Aerogarden, I thought just maybe here was a Me-proof method for getting green living things to grow in my care.

My wonderful family gave me one for Christmas. With all the busyness of the holidays, I didn't have time to set it up until January 6, but here is a photo of it growing quite happily on January 20:

Amazing! The light turns itself on and off every day, the water lets me know when it's getting low, there are little food pills I feed it when the light goes on saying "feed me." I obey its commands and the little plants grow just like they are supposed to!

This first batch I'm growing are herbs, some for the kitchen, some for the cavies. I'm thinking, though (and here's where I get into trouble - thinking) that if they take off well, I might be able to transplant them and keep them growing this summer.

They have "kits" for tomatoes, flowers and herbs. I want to try them ALL! I'm so excited!

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