Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mauled by a Leopard

Sometimes when I don't blog, someone needs to send the Saint Bernards out, cause I sure could have used a shot from the cask on their collars this time!

My wonderful hubby gave me a copy of Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) with which to upgrade my most excellent computer for Christmas. Which I did, but without backing up the hard drive first. ALWAYS BACK UP THE HARD DRIVE FIRST. I knew that, but didn't do it, and we all paid the price (and are still making payments) dearly.

We lost it all. ALL of it. Every address, phone number, photo, document, application, bookmark, I mean everything. Hubby spent four hours on Christmas day just getting from Spinning Beach Ball of Death to start up screen. Not how he likes to celebrate. This is not normal for Leopard installation. Of all the people I have heard about, and all the people my favorite techie-type has heard about, I was the only one caught in limbo after this particular upgrade.

I was eventually able to reconstruct most everything except our bookmarks and address book, but it took a very long week of very long days. I just "found" my blog again (YAY!) so I can start writing nothing to no one once again. Aaahhh, technology.

I do love Leopard. There are so many improvements and it is a really nice OS. I strongly recommend getting "The Missing Manual" for it, because there's no better way to cover all that newness and learn all the cool things you could be doing if only you knew.

Well, it's nice to be back. I'll post more about Christmas, travel, holidays with family, the new New Year's diet, and more head spinning tedium.

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