Thursday, January 31, 2008

I see a bad moon rising

There's a potential for all kinds of trouble on the way. But I'm not a pessimist. (HA!)

Our pastor's message this week will be on the Pre-Adamic race. I'm so thankful he told us beforehand so hubby and I could research it. We will be staying home and spending that service time in prayer. We strongly believe that teaching is not just divisive and wrong, but heretical, and it could lead to our leaving the church. The only church we've found anywhere close that teaches the Bible. Sad statement coming from the buckle of the "Bible Belt."

Chutt Chutt's toenail bed is becoming infected. I have an appointment to take her to the vet.

We're under a winter storm warning for snow and ice, which makes people here drive like lunatics. They drive like lunatics anyway, but it snows so seldom that they have NO idea how to deal with snow and ice. There are also no scrapers or sanders for the roads so it's just every SUV for himself.

Hubby was supposed to attend a special event next week in Atlanta, but while waffling about going, it sold out! Now he has to scramble to try to get tickets. Procrastination bad. He's also taught our oldest daughter the finer points of procrastination, and she puts off every distasteful job she has until the last possible moment. She does get the done, but it's always a time squeeze, which puts her under pressure that she thinks comes from me! She also has a tendency to be short with her siblings, making her the only impatient procrastinator in my acquaintance!


Post-vet update:

Sure enough, her toenail bed was infected. The vet gave us prednisone, a steroid for the swelling and pain; baytril, an antibiotic; and benebac, a preparation of beneficial intestinal bacteria which will be killed off by the antibiotic. Poor thing is so tired. she's sleeping a lot and very heavily this afternoon. I've caught myself looking for the rise and fall of her tummy to make sure she's just sleeping. I'll also be keeping an eye on her food and water intake. The prednisone is supposed to improve her appetite, but as much as she is sleeping I don't want her to skip food for dreams!


OreoSouza said...

Whoo hoo!

You are now in my favorites.

I can't believe I messaged you while you were online. I never go to the Eleven Oreos site anymore, so if you hadn't written back immediately, I would have missed it.

How exciting. Ok. Off to read!

OreoSouza said...

Update on that pre-Adamic race thing? I've often wondered if Adam and Eve had children while still in the garden...but a race of beings that existed *before* Adam? That sounds weird!

Tim procrastinates till the last minute, but it's a positive thing for him. It builds up a stress environment that gives him clarity of mind and single-mindedness toward the goal. He always comes off smelling like a rose.

I could never do that. I'd come off smelling like something not nice.

A Frayed Knot said...

Here's my problem with the whole Pre-Adamic race thing: it basically negates the New Testament teaching that Jesus was the Last Adam. If Adam wasn't the first Adam, how can Jesus be the last Adam?

This teaching was also used in the 1700's as the Biblical justification for slavery. That is to say that different races existed before Adam but without souls, and therefore were less than human. That Adam was Caucasian, therefore the only humans with a "soul" and capable of eternal life.

Our pastor intends to claim that those pre-Adamites are currently demons, trying to inhabit bodies once again. But if those pre-Adamites had no souls, how could they be disembodied spirits? HM?

And isn't this whole thing just SO NOT what the Bible actually says?