Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet.

I'm not hunting wabbit, I have one of those headaches. The kind that come and stay for three days. Kind of like what I've read about a migraine but not with the nausea. Just sensitivity to light, sound and PAIN.

But I really don't have time. Tomorrow is the Oscars and that means today I have to shop and pre-cook for our annual Oscar Fest. So far, the only dish we know for sure will be included is, of course, Ratatouille. We have the nominations (the kids nominated one food in each of six categories and Pop and I chose the winners), but the ballots are far from "Kept in a hermetically sealed mayonaise jar on Funk and Wagner's porch since noon today" like they usually are the day before the telecast.

12 pop culture points to whomever can first correctly identify the origin of the quoted phrase.


Kim said...

no points for me! I'm just sad because I didn't know your blog had moved (or did and forgot because my brain is a sieve??) and I have been missing out on things you say. I am much more interested in your food winners than actual Oscar winners, is that bad? LOL

A Frayed Knot said...

I kinda felt bad this year because our party was SO lame and we had a guest for the first time ever. She thought it was pretty cool, though.

I sure wish Hollywood would get its act together and start making films that lend themselves to my party well. I mean, how hard could it be to come up with a movie titled "Beans and Rice" or find a leading lady with the name "Brownie?" Sometimes I think they aren't even trying.