Monday, February 11, 2008

Cool! I'm not Urban Amish anymore!

"Urban Amish" is the term for people who don't have the "essential" technology of the day - like a cellphone or an iPod. If you don't know that, you might be one, too.

Well, Happy Birthday to me, I got an iPod Shuffle! It's so tiny (it's the size of a small binder clip!) and cute and GREEN, my very favorite color! I immediately loaded up all of Pastor Jack's podcasts and a few select songs for exercising to. The "autoload" function wanted to put over 400 songs on this little tiny thing. Wow.

{You will now be treated to a paragraph of reminiscing that I am allowed because it's my birthday. Feel free to skip it if it makes you feel old or bored.}

Back in my day, the must-have technology was a transistor radio. They were the size of a 3x5 file card box and claimed to fit in your pocket, but never quite did. They had a long antenna on them because they had to pick up radio waves which were just not as thick in the air as now. If I was walking or riding my bike, the signal would fuzz in and out, or jump to another station suddenly, interrupting the lovely choral strains of "Windy" from my music station with the latest news report from Vietnam on the news station. There was only one earphone, which was fine, because everything was transmitted in monaural - not stereo, and only on the AM band. Ah, AM radio in the 1960's.
{Okay, thanks. I'm back now.}

I also got this cool thing. It keeps the coffee pods for my Senseo nice and dry and organized. I make my own pods and have been using a poorly decorated Pringles can. But this is much prettier and matches my decor much better!

I got three DVDs: T2 (still can't look at Robert Patrick without my blood running cold), The Hunt for Red October (which the older kids and I have been watching on VHS), and the first season of House (gotta love/hate him!)

The highlight of the day was most definitely breakfast in bed. The kids are becoming really good cooks, and this year's feast wasn't the undercooked-and-runny eggs, burned bacon and untoasted bread of years past. Christy is becoming a barista excellente, making my coffee a little differently each day. (Okay, the slice of banana in the bottom of one cup was a bit unnerving, but it wasn't terrible!)

Finally, my cake. It was layered graham crackers and chocolate pudding, with the top crackers frosted with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. It sure tasted like a smore!

So, Happy Birthday to me. This was so much more pleasant than watching tornadoes threaten my house!

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