Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another rung on the moving ladder

It keeps coming with furious certainty—this idea that we're moving. Today I rehomed our hermit crabs and all their paraphenalia. It was a lot of stuff, and I don't think their new owner will have a clue what to do with it: her crabs were in a kritter keeper without even a lid and in painted shells. Horrors.

It's not the crabs I will miss, I don't think. They were interesting enough, and I learned heaps about them, but I never really made an emotional connection with them. But there was always something to DO. A cage to clean, food to create, a bubbler pool to invent, something to learn, someone to talk to. It's one more step toward becoming a hermit myself, I suppose, to cut myself off from that part of my world.

I feel a little at loose ends.

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Kim said...

I would think you'd have enough to do, and be glad to get rid of the busywork of hermit crabs? But then again, I'm not currently a "pet person" of any sort.