Saturday, September 29, 2007

Holy Forgiveness, Batman!

Boy, do I feel stupid. I just came off that emotionally satisfying rant yesterday and sat down to blog another one (my precious, sweet husband of 25 years still has not a single clue what is important to me) but hopped over to read Because I Said So, one of my top 5 favorite bloggers. She totally ruined my desire to rant!

So, now I'm left with blogging about my cavies again. Sorry.

There's a woman who lives 20 miles from me whose house burned down this week. She was able to get all her animals out in time, but has to rehome 13 guinea pigs including several just-weaned babies. I am considering this very seriously. Now that the girls have a larger cage and room to play, another one or two might be a good idea. In the wild, cavies are herd animals, living in large social groups. No way could I take all 13, or even 4, but I would dearly love a couple babies. So would the kids!

We just have to get the idea to Mr. Thinkaboutitforamonth -- oops, I mean, my dear, sweet husband.


Phil said...

How much of this forgetfulness and stuff is part of the whole chronic-fatigue thing? I don't know, I feel like that sometimes... but I think its because men's brains really weren't meant to multitask. It's a lot more comfortable to be presented with a problem, come up with a solution, write that solution down for the future, and move to the next issue.
I'm sure you've tried everything you could to help with retention and attention, but I know that what I need sometimes. It annoys the crap out of Rachel sometimes with how often she has to remind me of things we talked about doing already, and it annoys me equally that I just can't remember it all simultaneously.

A Frayed Knot said...

Simultaneously? Like remembering that it's illegal to park on the street at night at the same time you're parking your mom's car on the street at night? Maybe if he keeps getting tickets on that thing it'll mean more to him than me saying, "I told you so!" But it would be nice...