Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

If you believe in resolutions, here's my list:

Focus on eating as many raw veggies in a day as I can bear.
Move at least once a day, walk if knees are up to it.
Be more vigilant about the kids' schedules.
Smile every time I'm annoyed.
Talk less. MUCH less.

If you don't believe in resolutions, that's okay too. I know what they say about goals, resolutions and the like, needing to be specific, but the above is all I can manage today.

I'd like everyone's input on something.

If I get up and cook for breakfast, the family will usually eat it, then come back an hour later to have cereal. If I don't cook, they have cereal and don't come back an hour later for anything. I'm not a morning person, but I can get up and cook if necessary. They just don't seem to like it, and they're eating the same amount of cereal on top of my cooking anyway.

Should I cook so that the better nutrition is available to them and hopefully wean them of the cereal habit, or should I just let them eat cereal and save myself the expense and frustration?

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Kim in MI said...

Is healthy cereal an option?
Does it matter WHAT you cook? Maybe the cereal is just a habit? Do they SAY they don't like what you cook?
Since saving money is important, and most cereal is expensive and not really very nutritious or filling ... why not try a 2 week "Healthy Habit Change" -- cook breakfast -- or delegate it to one of the morning riser breakfast cooks -- and just let that be *it* until lunch. don't buy any more cereal. We like what we're used to, to a great degree.

Oatmeal is a nutritious and cheap breakfast. Hearty, healthy, filling. Can't beat that!